12 Types of Galaxy Pendants

Every woman desire to look different and attractive; that's why she chooses to wear unique pendants. Indeed, it's difficult to find the right place where to buy the universe glass pendant that is cheap, high quality, and beautifully design. At NeckGalace, you can find a huge range of universal glass pendants.

NeckGalace pendant collection is simple, incredibly beautiful, and eye-catching that captures the inner universe. All the galaxy glass pendants have a loop on top that allows you to transform them into unique necklaces.

Galaxy Pendant Necklace collection:

If you love the universe and wants to buy everything related to the galaxy, then how do you feel if you get a universe pendant at a very affordable price? While visiting NeckGalace, you may find 12 different styles of galaxy glass pendant such as:

  1. Twin Star Glass Universe Pendant: It has a 3D interior milky design and beautiful interior design. It's a combination of gold and silver.
  2. Uranus Galaxy Glass Pendant: It has a whirlpool galaxy interior design that changes its color in the light. A beautiful combination of the color of pendant design at a special flame technique.
  3. Jupiter Galaxy Glass Pendant: If you love Jupiter and want to buy a Jupiter pendant, consider this. It has an outstanding three-dimensional interior design that brings different aesthetic looks. 
  4. Saturn Galaxy Glass Pendant: If you love brown color, consider this, as it has a 3D interior look. A unique collection for those who want a sophisticated handcraft pendant.
  5. Mercury Galaxy Glass Pendant: Love for blue then definability you will love this pendant. It is beautifully crafted and has various aesthetic looks. This pendant has a mercury bead inside.
  6. Venus Galaxy Glass Pendant: Want something unique and classic, then consider this pendant, as it has beautiful three-dimensional interior design.
  7. Neptune Glass Universe Pendant: It comes with a combination of blue, gold, and silver glass. It has a fabulous pendant that brings attraction to your personality.
  8. Mars Galaxy Glass Pendant: This pendant's interior design is so classic, and everyone will say wow when you wear it. The combination of glass color lightens up the pendant design.
  9. Glass Star Pendant: If you want a simple but classic pendant, then consider this pendant because of high-quality glass material and 3-D dimensional design with a star inside.
  10. Glass Crescent Moon Pendant: It's look is simple but authentic because of the inside moon feature. It offers incredible attraction because of its fabulous 3-D interior design.
  11. Swirling Nebula Glass Pendant: A unique collection for those who want to look different from others. The pendant has one nebula bead inside.
  12. Glass Heart Pendant: It’s a high demand pendant because of the inside heart and the combination of altering unique colors. It is best to give gifts to your loved one.

Sum up:

Always wanted to know how you feel when you wear the galaxy pendant? NeckGalace offer unique and handcrafted galaxy glass pendant. Choose the one that you love most.

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