Clever Guide to Store Galaxy Necklace

Are you looking for a valuable idea to store your galaxy necklace that is relatively safe and secure? Well, there are many DIY ideas but choose the one that seems perfect for you. Today, follow a smart guide to store these glass pendant necklaces is quite helpful.

A good jewelry organizer will help to store your unique and handcrafted pendant, so you never waste your precious time in finding your pendant when you desire to wear it. When we are talking about storing a pendant, we generally distinguish two categories of people.

  1. The one who has the sense to store pendant in an organized way,
  2. The one who is too lazy and throw pendant at any place

Meanwhile, if you rank in the second category, you are trying to heal yourself. However, if you store your pendant well, you will get the advantage of finding the ones on time. In case you want a Clever guide to store pendant, visit Pinterest, or check the tutorial on YouTube.

 Two Basic Tips to Store Pendant:

To embellish your neck with a refined appearance, a woman prefers to wear a pendant. But what if you can't effectively store the pendant? The most frustrating thing is to find your pendant from the tangle situation.In case you didn't prefer to store your pendant safely, you might face hassle.The right tricks of storing your pendant will lead you to the level of rest. Here are two guides to store pendant:

  • Install Hocks:

Keep your pendant away from getting tangled, and it only happens when you install hooks in one corner of the room where you can hang them easily. This technique is also helpful in seeing each of your pendants quickly. It means it is a tricky solution to get your pendant in time compared to finding in the early morning. Additionally, to add up attraction, you can use a simple corkboard embellished with tacks to hang your necklaces.

  • Pendant Holder:

Most women didn't like to hang the pendant, and it might be possible that your pendant appearance is not appealing anymore. Before wearing, to untangle your pendant is to buy a pendant holder that is quite effective to organize and easy to hang in an organizer. With a Pendant holder, you will get quick access and avoid messing up your pendant together. The organizer hock allows for hanging your different pendant separately.

 Wrapping up:

How do you prefer to organize your pendant? Hopefully, you will love the above two guides to store the pendant. It's a recommendation for those who have less space on their dresser to consider the technique that seems perfect for you. 

Some women prefer to keep their pendant in convenient storage like the jewelry tree, while others prefer to choose a jewelry box. You will get a handcrafted and unique pendant for a necklace, for instance, a galaxy glass pendant, glass heart pendant, and glass crescent moon pendant.


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